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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For A-1

There’s nothing like the moment when you find out your passion can get you paid. In September of 2011, San Francisco’s A-1 was stocking shelves for less than minimum wage, writing songs whenever he could find time. A year earlier he gained an internet buzz with After School Special, a 90′s TV show themed album he had written and recorded while living on a friends couch in New York City. A year later he was back in San Francisco, holding down a day job while working on his follow up mixtape, The Book Of Adam.

Artist Tags For A-1

1) Hip-Hop 2) Rap 3) Nerdcore 4) Mashup 5) Hip Hop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For A-1

1) Invisible Man 2) The Price is Right 3) Charizard 4) All That! 5) Black Ranger 6) Family Matters 7) Golden Girls 8) Now You Do 9) 5 More Minutes (Intro) 10) Doug (Funnie Bitch) 11) Goosebumps 12) Reading Rainbow 13) All Work And No Play 14) Lovin U (feat. Xiomara) 15) Youth Blood 16) Intro 17) My Name is Adam 18) Now You Do (Prod. By Flosstradamus) 19) LeVar Burton 20) Thurl Young Brother 21) The Book of Adam (Thesis) 22) Winning 23) Cough Cool (Conflict) 24) On My Way (Exposition) ft Chantelle Tibbs 25) Hey Now 26) Circulate 27) Resolution 28) Breathing ft Emily Fox 29) Tina Turner 30) I Just Wanna Part II (Sure Shot) 31) Dammit This is Clean (Char Siu Bao aka Davin's Theme aka BrownTown) 32) Double Dose prod. Sick James 33) Speaker (feat. Roach Gigz) 34) Black And Mellow 35) Get Up 36) Winning 2 37) The Ritual 38) You Say (Pimps) ft Big Sir 39) Do Your Thing ft. Samantha Sherman 40) Retinas ft Xiomara 41) (Bonus) My Name is Adam (Alternate Version) 42) Winning 2 Prod. Davin Gruesome 43) Retinas (feat. Xiomara) 44) Double Dose 45) Do Your Thing (Feat. Samantha Sherman) 46) The Ritual w Little Dragon 47) Good People 48) Summertime Sadness 49) The New Guys ft Dregs One 50) The New Guys (Feat. Dregs One)

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