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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For 詩音

Shion (詩音) is a Korean born Japanese Hip-Hop-R&B singer who made her major debut in 2008 with the mini-album CANDY GIRL. In October 2009, she released her debut album "Truth". It appears however that her career may have already come to an end as on the 10th of December 2009 she was arrested for the possession and use of an illegal substance (0.003 grams of Ketamine) which she had kept under her pillow. While to most this charge may seem irrelevant or trivial, in Japan, such a thing has the power to end careers.

Artist Tags For 詩音

1) J-Pop 2) J-Urban 3) Pop 4) JPop 5) Japan

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For 詩音

1) RAIN OF TEARZ 2) 春夏秋冬 3) Last Song ~secret of my heart~ 4) INTRO 5) ThanX 2 U 6) SUMMER TIME LUV Feat.YOUNG DAIS 7) U & Me 8) OUTRO 9) time.... 10) BAYSIDE STORY (feat. DAZZLE 4 LIFE) 11) MUSIC is my LIFE 12) MEMORY feat. AK-69 13) L.O.S.T (feat. KOZ) 14) CANDY GIRL (feat. BIG RON, RICHEE) 15) LUV feat.大地 16) again 17) Ai ga Hoshii 18) distance 19) GIRLICIOUS feat. DJ☆GO 20) just me 21) GIRLICIOUS feat. DJ☆GO [Suga Pop Remix] 22) LUV Feat. 大地 23) FReak 24) MOON 25) HURRY GO ROUND 26) Koko Made Oide 27) Re:ナミダボシ feat. CLIFF EDGE 28) LUV or DREAM ~Introduction~ 29) AFTER THE RAIN 30) LUV or DREAM ~Introduction~ 31) Love Affair feat. Kayzabro(DS455) 32) You 33) Free 34) FAIRYTALE 35) still... 36) RAIN OF TEARZ (T-Btz "Re:Pro" Mix) 37) Last Song ~secret of my heart~ 38) ずっと… 39) サヨナラ<アイシテタ 40) F××K MONEY (feat. RAIDER) 41) More Than Friends 42) Love Affair feat.Kayzabro (DS455) 43) Let Me Down 44) FLYaWaY 45) #always 46) LUV feat. Daichi 47) ByeBye 48) LUV feat.Daichi 49) Love Affair feat. Kayzabro (DS455) 50) Last Song ~secret of my heart~ (Single Version)

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